Canada Visa Information


From applicant 

  1. A valid passport
  2. 2 passport size photo
  3. Bank statement
  4. A job letter. ( If self employed, business registration and business title is needed)
  5. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  6. Travel History (if applicable
  7. Proof of relationship with sponsor (if applicable)
  8. Flight Itinerary


If your trip is being sponsored by someone other than you, we will need from them:

  1. A copy of T4
  2. Invitation Letter>>>> •the host’s full name, title and business contact information
  • a brief summary of the reason for the invitation
  • the intended duration and a detailed itinerary of the visit
  • a statement specifying who will be responsible for all travel-related expenses

If the applicant is being invited to attend a wedding, a formal wedding invitation is to be included in the application along with a copy of the marriage license 

  1. Tenancy agreement/ proof of home ownership
  2. Bank statement for the past 4 months
  3. Photo Copied passport 
  4. Job letter( includes job title, duration of employment, salary earned, type of employment)
  5. Business ownership information
  6. If the sponsor is on pension, then the sponsor needs to provide a copy of the pension statement and also state that in the invitation letter.


You are also required to provide mother, father, brothers and sisters, Spouse and children D.O.B, marital status, address, occupation


Consultation Cost $7000

A deposit of 50% of service fee is required to start the visa application, after 

Application is completed and ready to be submitted, the remaining 50% and the visa fee is required. 




None of the staff here at Icons Consultants JA are able to guarantee the outcome of a visa process. This is done by the relevant embassies. 


Here at Icons Consultants JA, we endeavor to make the best applications based on the information provided by you the client and your sponsors


Icons Service Fees are NONE REFUNDABLE